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Samartzis ”S” Syrah Red 750ml

 Samartzis ”S” Syrah Red 750ml
Samartzis ”S” Syrah Red 750ml

PGI Central Greece, Askri, Boeotia, Central Greece


Open and something, ruby.

Fresh, musky nose of dark flowers and red summer fruits of the forest, I would say excellent for its class. Many sweet spices with liqueur notes along with mild peppery hints, botanical and mainly herbal tones, come to give lightness.

Absolutely and impressively smooth on the palate, the juicy, almost moderate volume may not vibrate with intensity and penetrating mood, but it gains a lot, in softness and simplicity.

Ready, properly and crucially fruity, with balanced acidity that gives the expected energy and soft and glistening tannins of low height, it gives uninterruptedly the red, floral fruit, with spicy and peppery punctuation, as well as controlled bitter plant hint. The mineral element comes as an extra tip to stimulate freshness.

Very good, lovable aftertaste, mineral with nice sweetness, where she transforms her spice vision to take in light chocolate and coffee elements, going back to sweetness.

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