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Varietal Composition:Syrah 100%. Area / Vineyard:Viticulture zone of Amyntaio. "Turtles" at an altitude of 640-650 meters, with a northwest orientation, "seeing" Mount Vora. Winemaking / Aging:Hair removal, absence of compressor, cold extraction in a controlled environment, alcoholic fermentation at..
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Varietal Composition:Tannat 100%. Area / Vineyard:"Ampelia", Amyntaio Viticulture Zone. "Vrachos" vineyard, 45. 20 acres, Amyntaio area, 40 ° 41'19. 44''N - 21 ° 43'00. 24'E, at an altitude of 660 meters, with northwest orientation, overlooking Mount Vora. Vinification / Aging: Dehumidification, ab..
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Varietal Composition:Xinomavro 100%. Area / Vineyard:Viticulture zone of Amyntaio. "Hedgehog" at an altitude of 690 meters, with north orientation, overlooking the lake of Petra and Mount Vora. Winemaking / Aging:Pre-fermentation cold extraction in an inert environment, alcoholic fermentation at a c..
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Producer: ΑΙΒΑΛΗΣ
Condition: QuietArea: PDO NemeaBarrel: 16 monthsAging Possibility: You can consume it immediately, however it can be aged for about 10 years.Served ideally at 16-18 ° C.Tasting: On the face purple with purple shades. The nose is dominated by fruit aromas such as cherry, plum, raspberry in combinatio..
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Rich aroma wine Faia Gi Lefkos with characters reminiscent of night flower, exotic fruits and citrus while it is framed by secondary aromas such as honey and thyme. Fine, very well balanced with a moderate body in taste, wine with characteristic acidity and long aromatic aftertaste. It accompanies e..
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The first Greek red bottled wine PDO. released in the Greek market, is the trademark of Greece in red wines. Typical, classic wine of Naoussa. Deep red with a strong personality. A rich bouquet of ripe red fruits, raspberry and plum, emerges, coexisting with sun-dried tomatoes and the aromas of agin..
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A fresh red wine characterized by an intense aroma of red small fruits and a light body, while in its taste it is distinguished by a pleasant velvety feeling that lasts. Perfectly complements a dish of chicken and pork, ideally cooked on the grill. It is also combined with dishes of cheese and cold ..
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The white that everyone will admire and even more will drink! This Punctuation Mark will highlight your table and any occasion. Thanks to the timeless quality seal of 134 years of Boutari Winery and its fresh, unexpected taste, this exclamation mark… you will drink it in a glass! A white characteriz..
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Producer: CAVINO
Dense deep red color with brown highlights and a complex bouquet of aromas with chocolate, raisins, dried figs and spices. Full, generous, with balanced sweetness and a long aftertaste...
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It is produced from the Greek indigenous varieties Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano. It has a bright deep purple color, a complex bouquet of spices with ripe black fruits (raspberry), raisins, coffee and cocoa. The aftertaste is continuous with repetition of spices. It accompanies red casserole mea..
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 Gerovasiliou Malagouzia White 1,5lt
Not available
Produced from the Greek variety Malagouzia. It has a bright straw color with greenish highlights and aromas of ripe fruits, such as pear, mango and citrus. In the mouth it is rich and full of lemon aromas, which give a balanced finish. It accompanies seafood, poultry, pasta with light sauces and sal..
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Created from a combination of two Greek varieties, Malagouzia and Assyrtiko. The wine has a bright pale color with greenish highlights. Its "nose" is expressive with alternating impressions, as next to the exotic fruits pass notes of pepper, jasmine, orange, melon, lemon and lemon. It accompanies se..
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