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Alpha Estate Pinot Noir 750ml

Alpha Estate Pinot Noir 750ml
Varietal Composition:
Pinot Noir 100%.

Area / Vineyard:
Viticulture zone of Amyntaio.
"Strofi" vineyard, 14.
10 acres, Amyntaio area, 40 ° 41'34.
14 "N, 21 ° 42'16.
72" A, at an altitude of 619 meters, with northwest orientation, overlooking Mount Vora.

Vinification / Aging: Dehumidification, absence of compressor, pre-fermentation cold extraction for 4 days, alcoholic fermentation using native yeast, selected and isolated from the same vineyard, in increasingly graded temperatures for 8 months with .
12 months in selected, new, fine-grained, French oak barrels Allie - Bertrange, white burning (steam) and 12 months in the bottle.
It is not filtered and there is absolutely no treatment before bottling.

Taste characteristics:
A wine of great aromatic intensity, balance and structure.
Depth and concentration, balanced with fresh acidity and metallic character with the signature of the terroir.
Tempting bouquet of complex aromas characterized by wild cherries, mild spices, raspberries and with its cool acidity to attract any trained palate.

Combines with white meats of all kinds, from chicken to turkey, rabbit, grilled or cooked in thin, fine sauces, pork fillet and winged game.

Ideal enjoyment at 16-18 ° C.

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