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Tsililis Dark Cave Aged 700ml

Tsililis Dark Cave Aged 700ml
Tsililis Dark Cave Aged 700ml

The aged tsipouro of the Tsilili distillery is produced from fresh fermented grape marc of high quality of Thessaly.

It is distilled in small discontinuous copper abysses through a slow, patient process to maintain and highlight the fresh and sweet aromas.

The maturation process takes place in carefully selected French and American oak barrels, where red and Vinsanto wines have previously aged for at least 5 years.

The result is a distillate with a range of honeyed varietal aromas, such as prunes, raisins, bergamot peels, spicy aromas such as vanilla, chocolate and nutmeg, combined with a robust but soft body, soft finish and refined aroma.

To enjoy its dynamic, complex character, consume it alone or with the addition of a little ice.

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