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Tselepou Blanc De Gris White 750ml

Tselepou Blanc De Gris White 750ml
Tselepou Blanc De Gris White 750ml

PGI Arcadia

Muscovite 100%

Modern technological vinification with the method of "pre-fermentation extraction" at 10 ° C. One third of the wine is introduced into stainless steel tanks, another third into amphorae and the rest into large oak barrels of the "foudres" type where the fermentation takes place and is completed. The wine remains and matures along with its fine mud for about 4 months.

Wine with exuberant aromas of flowers, citrus and lemon flowers of great intensity. Taste is characterized by a rich body in harmony with its acidity. Buttery aftertaste that stays in the mouth for an hour.


TASTY COMBINATIONS: Seafood, fish, poultry, oily, risotto.

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