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Excellent aged grape distillate by the great Greek wine producer Costas Lazaridis where "Grape distillate" is the most sophisticated variant of grape marc distillate (ie tsipouro and tsikoudia), since it is essentially a wine distillate - ie brandy - and not the brandy. Sauvignon Blanc grapes are us..
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Babajim Cabernet Sauvignon Extract 500ml
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42% alc.It is produced in seven tasty and aromatic variations from an equal number of exquisite vine varieties.Family tradition and the art of distillation create countless drops of strength, enjoyment and health.It is drunk cool or icy closing the lunch or dinner, perfectly accompanying the dessert..
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TyrnavosMoschato of TyrnavosFor 3 years he rested and balanced his character.It took on the color of vivid amber and now has with it aromas of chocolate and white flowers.It tastes like crunchy plums, roasted almonds and a fresh vanilla aftertaste. The moment is full of intensity and passion, as you..
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Producer: ΤΣΙΛΙΛΗΣ
The aged tsipouro of the Tsilili distillery is produced from fresh fermented grape marc of high quality of Thessaly.It is distilled in small discontinuous copper abysses through a slow, patient process to maintain and highlight the fresh and sweet aromas.The maturation process takes place in careful..
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Double distillation product in traditional copper ambka. Ages in oak barrels for at least a year. The grape mass after the fermentation process is placed in traditional copper pots and is followed by a slow double distillation at a mild temperature. During the second distillation process, it is sepa..
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