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White wines

Franciacortas have nothing to fear from being compared to champagne.These high quality traditional sparkling wines are made in Lombardy in northern Italy.Maurizio Zanella, a pioneer in the region, demonstrates his mastery of art here...
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This sweet white wine is a great dessert. Ceretto Moscato D’Asti S.Stefano is golden yellow of varying intensity depending on the vintage, has an intensely fruity nose that is fragrant and very persistent. The sweet taste of Ceretto Moscato D’Asti S.Stefano is perfectly balanced with the low alcohol..
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Producer: DOLCEORO
Delicious sparkling, sweet wine that highlights the uniqueness of the Moscato variety, through an extremely elegant and charming ensemble. Glowing on the face with golden yellow color and beautiful small bubbles that charm. Fresh bouquet on the nose with soft notes of grape, fresh pear, apple and ho..
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Its fresh, fruity taste is pleasant and slightly sweet, although it is still in the brut category. The refreshing, light flavor is made from full, ripe peaches, fruits such as apricot and vanilla bean, encouraging large, round, soft flavors in the mouth, with an attractive finish...
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A crunchy, clean and well-balanced sparkling wine. The fresh palate of apples, ripe pears and bright citrus flavors are combined with a long finish and a fascinating touch of ginger. Brilliant and versatile, it combines with almost everything...
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Moscato BiancoGancia Moscato D’Asti is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine, derived from 100% Moscato Bianco grape varieties grown in the heart of the “Langhe” and “Monferatto” hills in Canelli, Italy. It stands out for its bright, golden yellow color as well as for the exuberant aromas of exotic frui..
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Bright, light yellow color, thin bubbles and plenty of foam.  An attractive, intricate bouquet: floral, fruity and slightly baked.This Saumur Demi-Sec wine offers a velvety smooth finish, complete with an elegant, fresh foam...
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Varietal composition: Moschato of Alexandria.Location: Lemnos, Greece.Taste characteristics: Bright color, light yellow, with rich elegant sweetness in perfect balance with the freshness of acidity.Explosive aromas of freshly harvested Alexandria Muscat are released through refreshing bubbles.Fine a..
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Producer: JP CHENET
JP Chenet Ice Edition has been created specifically for you to enjoy on ice. You can drink it in a large glass, so it increases its freshness and aromatic intensity...
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This is a unique sparkling wine from 100% Xinomavro that is achieved by second fermentation in the bottle (methode traditionelle). It has strong fruit aromas, crunchy acidity, medium body, long creamy soft foam and long aftertaste. The production of this excellent wine is limited and each bottle is ..
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It is a white wine characterized by strong, small bubbles that highlight its aromas. Notes of flowers from Xinomavro and aromas of apricot and peach from Chardonnay, compose an intense and complex aromatic character, which balances with the freshness of the wine and quenches thirst pleasantly. Esp..
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