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Producer: JP CHENET
Country: FranceAlcohol: 11.5%Color: Soft, bright color.Intense berry aromas on the nose (strawberry, raspberry, gooseberry), enhanced with spicy tips typical of Pinot Noir.A rich wine in the mouth, with a beautiful finish...
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Producer: JP CHENET
J.P. Chenet Ice Edition Rose French champagne with aromas of red fruits such as strawberry, cherry and raspberry. Light pink with delicate dance bubbles...
Ex Tax:6.79€
Macedonia / DefenseXinomavroThe wine is produced and bottled by the oenologist Laurens M Hartman in the area of ​​Amyntaio in Western Macedonia. The grapes, which are cultivated in the privately owned vineyards of the estate, are a variety of Xionomavro which is considered one of the noblest red var..
Ex Tax:15.33€
Sparkling Akakies stand out with a brighter color, even more vivid acidity and lower alcohol. These characteristics, combined with the juicy strawberry aromas, the elegant vegetation in the nose and mouth, the discreet presence of sugars and the playful aftertaste, compose a wine that extremely exp..
Ex Tax:10.97€
Brand new on the market - Prosecco Rose.About 10% Pinot Noir is added to give Prosecco its delicate pink color and the delicate taste of berry summer fruits...
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Producer: ΤΣΕΛΕΠΟΣ
ArcadiaAgiorgitiko 100%For the production of base wine, it is harvested early. The following is the traditional method of Campania with second fermentation in the bottle and maturation for at least 9 months in the presence of fine wine sludge.Light pink color and copper reflections and foaming from ..
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Producer: ΤΣΙΛΙΛΗΣ
Fünf verschiedene Formen, verpackt in auffälligen Paketen. Sie drücken die Liebe zur Lebensqualität, zum Denken und zum Konsum aus und begleiten die kostbaren Momente unseres Lebens auf ihre eigene fantasievolle Weise. BiancoNero und gönnen Sie sich die Verführung der Glückseligkeit! Hergestellt aus..
Ex Tax:8.62€
The viticulture zone of Amyntaio, designated as the Designation of Origin of Superior Quality, extends to the homonymous plateau, at an altitude of 570-750 meters and occupies about 8,500 acres of vineyards. Administratively it belongs to the Prefecture of Florina, while the most important, in terms..
Ex Tax:10.36€
An excellent sparkling wine with a bright rose color.Fine, satin feeling on the tongue, full of delicate aromas of red fruit and a tickling sensation from the delicate bubbles that play on the tongue...
Ex Tax:10.36€
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