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Muscat wines

Producer: DOLCEORO
Delicious sparkling, sweet wine that highlights the uniqueness of the Moscato variety, through an extremely elegant and charming ensemble. Glowing on the face with golden yellow color and beautiful small bubbles that charm. Fresh bouquet on the nose with soft notes of grape, fresh pear, apple and ho..
Ex Tax:7.49€
Moscato BiancoGancia Moscato D’Asti is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine, derived from 100% Moscato Bianco grape varieties grown in the heart of the “Langhe” and “Monferatto” hills in Canelli, Italy. It stands out for its bright, golden yellow color as well as for the exuberant aromas of exotic frui..
Ex Tax:10.45€
Producer: ΤΣΙΛΙΛΗΣ
Fünf verschiedene Formen, verpackt in auffälligen Paketen. Sie drücken die Liebe zur Lebensqualität, zum Denken und zum Konsum aus und begleiten die kostbaren Momente unseres Lebens auf ihre eigene fantasievolle Weise. BiancoNero und gönnen Sie sich die Verführung der Glückseligkeit! Hergestellt aus..
Ex Tax:8.62€
Producer: ΤΣΙΛΙΛΗΣ
The ultimate introduction to the world of wine for the uninitiated through a wine that has low alcohol, explosive fruity character, light foaming and intense sweetness. An excellent aperitif in a modern 750ml bottle that beats the Moscato d’Asti from neighboring Italy that are breaking the Greek mar..
Ex Tax:9.52€
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