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Rouvalis Τσιγγελώ Red 750ml

Rouvalis Τσιγγελώ Red 750ml
Rouvalis Τσιγγελώ Red 750ml

Π.Γ.Ε. Slopes of Aigialeia

Mavrodafni 100%

The original Mavrodafni is called Tsigelo and here we find it in its dry version with a vivid violet color and an intense aromatic profile.

It is characterized by a multidimensional aroma with dominant notes of red small fruits, laurel, vanilla and herbs of wild Greek nature. It is a fresh wine, but the short passage from clay amphorae and its oxidative aging in them, has given it well-worked tannins, while from the light passage through the barrel it acquired a balanced structure. Unfiltered.

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