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Prosecco Zonin 1821 Magnum 1500ml

Prosecco Zonin 1821 Magnum 1500ml
Prosecco Zonin 1821 Magnum 1500ml

Vineyard: From the privately owned vineyards of the Zonin family from the area of ​​Veneto and 100% from the Glera variety.

Winemaking: The must comes from the gentle pressure of whole bunches from the Glera variety. Then 50% carry out the alcoholic fermentation for a light wine at 18 ° C, while the remaining 50% remains frozen at 0 ° C. The wine and the must are then transported in closed tanks, where the Charmat method will naturally produce the carbon dioxide that will cause foaming in our glass.

Features: Light green-yellow, with medium-sized bubbles, fast with large laces and medium duration. On the nose it is of moderate intensity, with floral and fruity aromas, such as jasmine, green apple and peach. In the mouth it is dry, cool with light alcohol, fine foam and light body. In the aftertaste the fruity character is complemented by notes of almond with medium duration.

Enjoy it at: 5-7 ° C.

Combined with: Ideal as an aperitif but also with dishes with light aroma.

Aging: Drink fresh.

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