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Kexris Afros Retsina White 750ml

Kexris Afros Retsina White 750ml
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Kexris Afros Retsina White 750ml



Slightly cloudy on the face, as it is bottled unfiltered, with discreet bubbles that rise vividly on the surface of the glass, the Foam offers us all the freshness of the fermented resin. Intensely aromatic on the nose, with pure notes of resin, but also special complexity in the mouth, which balances with the emphasized acidity, this pet-natresina is capable of unique taste experiences.

It is ideally combined with all seafood and small fried fish, with salted delicacies, roe, but also aromatic dishes from the cuisine of the Far East. Excellent as an aperitif or in aromatic cocktails.

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