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The White Muscat variety has been cultivated in Samos for centuries and has been inextricably linked to the history, tradition and wine culture of the Aegean island. The dynamics of this grape with the fruity and floral characteristics in the mouth and nose, framed by a "crunchy", refreshing acidit..
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EOS Samos Nectar Samos Muscat White Sweet 500ml
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PDO Samos.This is a wine that has won dozens of awards in its many years of presence in the field of Samian wine and continues to fascinate with the complexity of its aromas and its deep amber color!Samos Nectar, a derivative of the unique Sami Muscat, is undoubtedly one of the best sweet sun-dried ..
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Sweet, Mild, White, Samato Muscat, Aging, 15% alc. The jewel of Samos in our glasses. Low acreage yields, careful vinification and above all love and respect for the beautiful Moschato of Samos give us a beautiful sweet wine that is pleasantly drunk plain, but accompanies fine sweet and savory flav..
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The sweet wines of Samos arouse the admiration of wine lovers all over the world, with their wonderful floral and fruity profile, which unfolds generously in this bottle. The ideal dessert for closing a refined meal. It could also be the basis for a summer cocktail. Enjoy it with white sweets suc..
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