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The new Santorini from the Artemis Karamolegkos winery consists of 100% Assyrtiko from ancestral vineyards (Ancestral Vines) over 120 years old.34 refers to the 34 centuries of continuous viticulture on the island and is an ode to the unique heritage of Santorini.34 has matured in wine lees for abou..
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PDO Santorini100% Assyrtiko2050 bottlesLouroi-Platia is at the southernmost point of Pyrgos where it borders with Megalochori.Vineyard over 150 years. The wine remains for 11 months in its fine wine sludge and then for 12 months in the bottle.White flowers spring aromas, ripe exotic fruits followed ..
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PDO Santorini100% Assyrtiko125O bottlesA journey of exploration of Assyrtiko for the first time on such a small scale of winemaking, from the unique terroir of Santorini.A unique vineyard of centuries-old vines located in a special place in Megalochori.One of the best Santorini ever released!Aging d..
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POP SANTORINI100% AssyrtikoPyrite comes from three exceptional vineyards with old vines of Assyrtiko that can be over 120 years old. The two are located in Pyrgos and one in Megalochori, two areas that are famous for the excellent quality of grapes.Classic white vinification at controlled temperatur..
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Lemon on the face with golden hues. Complex aromatic character that is expressed both with aromas of citrus and stone fruits, such as grapefruit, peach and orange, as well as with the characteristic minerality and saltiness that accompanies a Santorini, to a point that reminds us of a stone wet wit..
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Varietal composition: Assyrtiko 90% with 10% Athiri and Aidani. Location: PDO Santorini, Greece. Taste characteristics: The nose is dominated by fruity (pear, peach) and mineral (wet stone) aromas. Floral notes such as jasmine and botanical come from the Athiri-Aidani percentage, offering complexit..
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