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Producer: ΣΚΛΑΒΟΣ
Red glowing with tile highlights. Aromas of ripe red fruits and cherries as well as sweet spoon quince and grape Soft mouth with a balance of tannins and acidity and taste of dried figs. Long velvety aftertaste with beautiful acidity...
Ex Tax:13.71€
Producer: ΣΚΛΑΒΟΣ
This exceptional variety gives wines with mineral finesse, with high acidity and nose aromas such as minerals and light floral notes, while the mouth aromas are dominated by minerals and the long, but also salty aftertaste. Combines with fresh fish with lemon sauce or pasta with salmon, white meat...
Ex Tax:17.10€
Producer: ΣΚΛΑΒΟΣ
PGI Slopes of AinosMoschatella, Bostilidi of organic viticultureLemon color with aromas of ripe citrus, rose and some notes of almond. Balanced mouth where the aromas are felt and an impressive finish of good duration...
Ex Tax:10.00€
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