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Producer: CELLAR
This wine came from the combination of two classic Greek varieties, Savvatiano and Roditis. Golden yellow with green highlights, releases subtle floral aromas, with refreshing acidity and vitality in the taste supported by a rich body. Served at 8-12 ° C and accompanies ideal appetizers, poultry and..
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Producer: CELLAR
This wine came from the combination of two well-known foreign varieties, Syrah and Grenache Rouge that achieved their best expression, cultivated in Greek climate and soil. Vivid red color with purple highlights, releases a rich aroma of ripe fruit. Velvety taste from soft and elegant tannins and pl..
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Producer: CELLAR
This wine has a bright pink color with reddish reflections. Elegant on the nose with notes of strawberries, stone cherries, apples and orange blossoms. The mouth is full of refreshing acidity. Stone cherry, pomegranate, peach and strawberry in combination with the long aftertaste create a wonderful ..
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