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Each variety (Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet, Crenache rouge) is assimilated separately with the technique of classic red assimilation.Bright and deep ruby color. Charming composition of aromas with plums, sour cherries and gooseberries and notes of spices.In the mouth the aromas become more earthy with di..
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Bright, white-yellow color with greenish highlights. Nose of discreet intensity, dominated by citrus fruits such as lemongrass, lemon blossoms and the notes of freshly cut grass. In the mouth it unfolds elegantly with hints of flowers and plants, characteristic minerality and mediocre body. Its high..
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Chatzimichali Estate Thesaurus White 750ml
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Varietal composition: Sauvignon Blanc, Trebbiano.Area: PGI Atalanti Valley.Taste characteristics: Shiny and white-yellow appearance.Complex aromatic composition with predominant aromas of citrus, mainly lemon and grapefruit, herbal hints of freshly cut grass and white notes of peach and pear.Especia..
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Bright, golden color. Aromas of ripe white fruits, peach and nectarine blend harmoniously with the aromas of nuts, toast and freshly baked bun. Rich, oily in the mouth with a velvety almost creamy texture, wonderful structure and balanced acidity, long and enjoyable aftertaste...
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A reddish dry wine from syrah, merlot, rhodite, sauvignon blanc. Distinctive bright pink color. Sophisticated aromas of strawberry and cherry with characteristic hints of aromatic herbs. Pleasantly refreshing in the mouth, with a medium body, concentrated sour cherry aromas, balanced acidity and har..
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A White, dry wine from Assyrtiko, Robola, Athiri, Chardonnay. Bright and soft white-yellow color. On the nose we find herbal aromas, tropical fruits as well as floral elements. In the mouth it is pleasant, with a medium to light body, cool acidity and delicate taste. An everyday proposal that stands..
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In der Nase finden wir ein komplexes aromatisches Bouquet mit überwiegend pflanzlichen Elementen, Zitrusfrüchten und grünen unreifen Früchten wie grünem Apfel und Birne. Im Mund hat es mäßige Intensität und Körper, diskrete Säure und sehr guten Nachgeschmack.Kombinationen:Kombinieren Sie es mit Huhn..
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Deep purple with violet highlights. Aromas of ripe red and black fruits, such as strawberries, sour cherries and plums, notes of raspberry jam, apple tart and cinnamon. Excellent taste set with balanced acidity and distinct tannins, medium to high body harmoniously mixed with cherry and fig flavors ..
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Light yellow bright color with greenish highlights. Expressive aromas of green fruit are complemented by light notes of tropical fruits and hints of floral and botanical .. In the mouth it impresses with its structure, creamy texture and accentuated acidity which gives freshness and highlights the l..
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Bright, lemon color with greenish highlights. Intricate aromatic bouquet of ripe tropical fruits and white peach. In the mouth it is rich with full body and distinct hints of pineapple and stone cherry, balanced acidity and enjoyable long aftertaste...
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Bright and clear lemon color with grayish highlights.The "extroverted" aromatic character of Malagouzia is tamed by the light touch of the oak.Rich aromatic bouquet of citrus and floral elements that balance harmoniously with the subtle aromas of vanilla.In the mouth it is balanced with round acidit..
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Estate Hatzimichali Prima Terra Xinomavro Syrah Red 750ml
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A red dry wine from Xinomavro and Syrah. The marriage of Xinomavro with the cosmopolitan Syrah creates a delicious wine with a particularly aromatic character. It has a deep ruby ​​color and on the nose the bouquet of aromas is characterized by the red fruits harmoniously tied with hints of sun-drie..
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