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Hadjigeorgiou Estate was and remains a pioneer in Lemnos. With emphasis on quality and the correct depiction of the characteristics of both the region and the main varieties of the Island. Red dry wine from the ancient variety ‘Kalampaki΄ or‘ Limnio ’. The ten-day extraction of the pigment aromatic ..
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Varietal composition: Moschato of Alexandria.Location: Lemnos, Greece.Taste characteristics: Bright color, light yellow, with rich elegant sweetness in perfect balance with the freshness of acidity.Explosive aromas of freshly harvested Alexandria Muscat are released through refreshing bubbles.Fine a..
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Limnia Gi is an ideal wine for demanding palates and stands out for its fruity aromas on a floral background. The characteristic smells of cereals that dominate the aromatic character of Lemnos, play hide and seek in an elaborate way. PDO white dry wine, from selected Moschato of Alexandria mountain..
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