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Producer: ΛΑΛΙΚΟΣ
A new approach to sweet wine. Rich in taste with mild alcohol and an explosion of aromas. Early harvest, fermentation in a tank.Green-yellow shades, plentiful aromas of musk and exotic fruits. Rich and at the same time fine taste, sweet and cool.Enjoy it as an aperitif. Serve at 4-6 ° C...
Ex Tax:8.36€
Producer: ΛΑΛΙΚΟΣ
A blend of Sauvignon Blanc with Assyrtiko, but which deviates from the expected style of a combination that we now see regularly.Nose intense but not explosive, with emphasis on the mineral character and a plant dimension that gives freshness. In the mouth lively, angular, with a charming combinatio..
Ex Tax:8.80€
Producer: ΛΑΛΙΚΟΣ
An immediate, happy, not at all elitist and, above all, delicious rosé wine. Late harvest. Fermentation in a tank.Medium rosé color of salmon, semi-dry, with aromas of red fruits and flowers, balanced taste of sweetness and freshness. Consumed new. It is drunk cold at 6-8; C, accompanying wonderful ..
Ex Tax:7.40€
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