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Variety - Polydendri Domokou - FthiotidaLimnio 100%Soft rose color with pomegranate highlights, intense aromatic nose with notes of cherry and rose.Pleasant, balanced mouth with refreshing acidity and long aftertaste.Cold extraction for 6 hours, fermentation at low temperatures. Stay with the wine l..
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This wine comes from the Greco variety, which is rumored to have roots in Central Greece and was saved by the Italians.The name Rimpatrio symbolizes the repatriation of the variety.It is a complex and elegant wine with aromas of bergamot, apple, mango, chamomile flowers and mineral notes.Rich in tas..
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Variety - Polydendri Domokou - FthiotidaMalagouzia 100%The name "La terre près du soleil" means the land near the sun, since the place where the specific vineyard is located, from which the specific wine is produced is called Prosilia and is characterized by the highest altitude.These are 3,975 numb..
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