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Gerovasiliou Malagouzia White 750ml

Gerovasiliou Malagouzia White 750ml
Gerovasiliou Malagouzia White 750ml

PGI Epanomi

Malagouzia 100%

When you hear the word Malagouzia, your mind runs straight to the Gerovasiliou estate.

 Explosive, exotic and exuberant are the 3 adjectives that come to my mind for this year's harvest!

Straw that shines in the sun and reflects green reflections.

Aromas that while starting almost floral, are transformed into ripe exotic and Mediterranean fruits.

A taste that starts aggressively to continue with the emergence of a rich body and the aromas of lemon and is completed so enjoyable, that it remains unforgettable. The aftertaste is endless and just as enjoyable.

TASTY COMBINATIONS: Fish, seafood, white meats and pasta, white dishes sauces, rich and buttery cheeses.

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