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Gaia Submerged Thalassite White 750ml

Gaia Submerged Thalassite White 750ml
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Gaia Submerged Thalassite White 750ml

THE SUBMARINE SEASON is the creation of the daring effort that Gaia Wines started in 2009, with the aim of exploring the limits and possibilities of the Assyrtikos variety being aged at a depth of 25 meters for 4 years, without the involvement of oxygen. An innovative process, carried out by only 10 wineries in the world.

The result is the transformation of a world-renowned variety into a unique aged wine with a mature and full-bodied taste. Bright, youthful color, cool aromas, and in relation to the Thalassite of the "land", more round, without any trace of oxidation.

Each submerged SEAFOOD crop is available in a limited number of bottles and each of them is the ideal invitation for a unique wine experience.

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