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Gaia 14-18h Rose 750ml

Gaia 14-18h Rose 750ml
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Gaia 14-18h Rose 750ml
The concept of "multi-dynamic variety" finds another interesting dimension at 14-18h.
Grapes from the semi-mountainous communities of Asprokampos of Nemea, after exploding, are led to cooled tanks.
There, the initially white must will stay in contact with the grape skins for 14-18 hours, acquiring this exquisite pink color and the typical aroma of the variety.

Deep rose color, very attractive.
Fruity aroma with dominant components, those of cherry and gooseberry, typical of the Mount Athos.
Taste cool and light.
Try it with pasta, white meat, pizza without garlic and cold dishes.
Particularly interesting is its combination with Chinese and generally Far Eastern cuisine.
A rosé wine that seeks "white codes" of behavior in the 8th-10th C.

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