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Boutari Demi Sec Rose 750ml

Boutari Demi Sec Rose 750ml
Boutari Demi Sec Rose 750ml

It is a typical Macedonian rosé, especially loved by those who prefer the less dry flavors. Its special sweetness and the characteristic aromas that distinguish it, make it an accompaniment for special and not only kitchens! Intense bright pink color. There are aromas of fruits and flowers, dominated by rose and cherry.

Balanced, pleasant, rich but also complex wine. It stands out for the freshness and coolness it leaves in the taste. It is widely used in Asian cuisine, typical is the sushi dish, as well as dishes with sweet and sour flavors, such as pork with sweet and sour sauce and fresh vegetables. Varieties of cold cuts and sweet cheeses. It accompanies fruits and sweets, while it is also served as an aperitif. Serve at 10-12 ° C.

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