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Armagnac Larresingle X.O. 700ml

Armagnac Larresingle X.O. 700ml
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Armagnac Larresingle X.O. 700ml

Larressingle XO Grande Réserve Armagnac is produced from a crucible mixture of spirits aged at least 15 to 20 years and over, as opposed to the legal minimum of five. This sophisticated, masculine and long-lasting Armagnac is elegant and refined on the palate, with a delicate, smoky bouquet suggesting plums and hazelnuts and a smooth, lasting finish.

High quality Armagnac is usually enjoyed after dinner as a thoughtful drink. It should be served at a cool room temperature and allowed to warm in the glass, which releases slow waves of aroma. Take small sips to appreciate the Armagnacs' smooth texture, expressive flavor layers and long finish.

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